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15 Most Famous Freshwater Fishes of Indian Rivers

Freshwater Fishes in india

Indian Fishing Industry is one of the most critical and employment providing industries of the country. As per the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), it has found that the fishing industry in the country has shown considerable growth from independence to 90s, i.e. 1947-1990. It has employed over 14.5 million people until now, and the growth is evergreen.

As per surveys, India has over 195,210 kilometres of Freshwater bodies as rivers and canals. The freshwater aquaculture separately owns nearly 55% of the fish industry in India. Water bodies in India have always come up with a source of agriculture and irrigation, along with a significant contribution to the fishery sector of the country. On the map, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal are the top states contributing to the area of Fish industry in India.

fishes in india

People have stated about the tastiest fishes found in India or best fish to eat in india within the Indian Subcontinent. These fishes not only serve stomachs but surely contribute to Medicine, essential Oils, Fish glues and much more. Fishers, alongside doing business within the country, they show interest in the export industry as well.

People scratch their heads and spend hours searching for such popular Freshwater Fishes or types of fishes in india over the web. Thus we have narrowed it down to make it easy for you to find them listed. Here we are going to provide indian fish names list with pictures of most popular Freshwater Fishes of Indian Rivers –

List Of Most Famous Freshwater Fishes of Indian Rivers

1. Rohu – Labeo Rohita

Rohu fish

Rohu, a large silver coloured Fish that belongs to the species of Carp Family, is a well-known fish found in the rivers of India. It’s as famous as it tastes delicious to the people of the country.

You can find these in Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh. It doesn’t cost much on the pocket and tastes exquisite, that’s the reason why people love it. It contains calories as 97 cal/100 gm.

2. Katla or Catla – the Indian Carp

Katla Fish Or Catla Fish

Famously called “Major Indian Carp” is one of the most commonly found and used for aquaculture fishes in the Indian Subcontinent. The Indian Carp, along with Rohu, is the most exquisite and essential fishes in the aquaculture freshwater industry in India.

It has distinct features as large and broad head with an upturned mouth. You can find whitish scales on their belly. With large eyes, you can see from the underside of their head.

3. Pulasa Fish

Pulasa Fish

Pulasa Fish is majorly found in Andhra Pradesh in Godavari River. Pulasa Fish is the most pricey and delicious fish of all varieties present all over India.

You may also find the other names as hilsa shad, or hilsa. People say “It’s worth eating the Pulasa even you would have to sell your Mangalsutra.

4. Tengra – Mystus Tengara

Tengra fish

If you visit Bengal, you can find the Tengra fish very quickly on the streets. Tengra also knows as Tengna in the local is claimed to one of the tasty fishes out there. You can find this in states like Odisha, Chattisgarh, Bengal and Bihar.

5. Tilapia – Cichlid Fish

Tilapia fish

Tilapia – cichlid fish if majorly a freshwater fish can be found living in brackish water or shallow rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

After carp and salmon Tilapia fish is among the most important fishes in aquaculture. It has a distinct orangish colour with faded black stripes running over its body.

6. Kajuli – Ailia Coila

Kajuli fish

Kajuli is a crucial aquatic breed to local commercial fisheries of India, also known as Gangetic Ailia as it is found mostly in large rivers and connected waters arenas.

You can identify them by their small size, wide, round eyes that take much of their head. They are found in masses and used widely across India.

7. Rani – Pink Perch

Rani fish

A small fish with pinkish coloured eyes and tiny scales over their body is a gamefish, usually found in different states in India. It’s a commonly found and sold species all over India, also known as Rani fish.

8. Rita Rita

Rita fish

Rita fish is one of the unique breeds of bagrid catfish that is fished commercially solo for eating. It’s found in freshwaters of Bengal.

Alongside these can be found in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It’s a substantial bottom-dwelling catfish with outgrown tendons and sluggish shape.

9. Tor Tor– Mahseer

Tor Tor Fish

The Golden Mahseer – Tor Tor Fish is a shiny scaled medium-sized fish, found in the freshwater of Wayanad, kali river, Sarda River and the Himalayan rivers.

There are several species of the Mahseer, as the number says 15 out of 47 species of the Golden Mahseer reside in India.

10. Karimeen – Green Chromide

Karimeen fish

Karimeen Fish is a type of Green Chromide belonging to the species of Cichlid Fish. It’s well as know as the “Pearl Spots”, due to the tiny spots that shine in the freshwater.

Its habitat is on the coastal areas of India and majorly found in backwaters of Kerela. It’s a comparatively small fish, grows up to 20 centimetres.

11. Magur – Walking Catfish

Magur fish

The Magur fish a familiar native to the rivers of Indian Subcontinent. It’s a medium-sized fish belonging to the walking catfish species. Walking catfish isn’t just a fancy name, but a quality of the Magur.

As because of its wiggling walk on the dry land, it got its name. Magur does this to find a suitable habitat or food. It’s considered a delicacy in the states of Maharashtra, Assam and Uttar Pradesh. It can be as big as only 1.6 feet in length.

12. Trout – Rainbow Trout

Trout Fish

The Trout Fish is a similar member of the Indian aquaculture fish as Salmon and Char fish. It’s a popular type of freshwater fish in India. Trout’s habitat is in Himalayan rivers of Indian Subcontinent. It’s not a simple fish to fetch.

It’s restricted by the state government. As you need a special permit, only with a policy of “catch and release”. It has a length of 120 cm. It has a greenish tint with yellow at the top and tiny discrete black spots all over the body.

13. Channa Striata – Snakehead

Channa Striata Fish

A famous species among Kerela and West Bengal, Channa Striata has better demands among the locals as it is served and treated as a delicacy in Kerela as the snakehead fish curry. It’s a popular breed to fish for the locals and tastes delicious.

14. Calbasu – Labeo Calbasu

Calbasu fish

Calbasu fish is a genus of carps in the family of Cyprinidae and is one of the most exquisite carp species found in the Indian Subcontinent.

It’s a freshwater species that resemble a bit like freshwater sharks. As because of its big size and big pectoral and dorsal fins, it seems like freshwater sharks.

15. Nain – Cirrhinus mrigala

Nain fish

It’s a freshwater fish species that are widespread across the whole Indian subcontinents. It’s a great all-purpose freshwater fish that serves the locals.

You can find it easily in Northern India in its natural habitat which starts from Punjab to West Bengal and Assam. It populates rivers, canals, reservoirs and rivers system even with a high indication of salinity.

Other Most Popular Fishes Found in India Sea Water Are:-

  • Surmai Fish – Indian Seer Fish
  • Rawas Fish – Indian Salmon
  • Bhetki Fish – Barramundi Bombay Duck
  • Paplet Fish– Indian Butter Fish
  • Bangus Fish – Milk Fish
  • Bangda Fish – Indian Mackerel
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Final Words

As you can see, the Freshwater Fishes can be found on the widespread scale across the country, serving every need.

The Fishing industry is providing employment and is a booming evergreen industry that contributes to the economic developments of the Indian Subcontinent.

Our nation is blessed with some of the rarest and riches freshwater river fish species and a massive coastline. Thus, we keep moving forward in the growing industry and curate our contribution as well.


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