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Life In A Village of India

The soul of India inhabits in its villages; more than half of the population of India still lives in the diverse villages of India. Villages in India are lovely and charming in their sense of living. There is serene calmness in the village life and no noise and hustle-bustle like in the city.

Villages are quiet, calm and full of greenery and fresh air to breathe in. The beauty of the village is personified from the way villagers live in small homes — a backyard filled with a variety of trees, a vegetable garden, and so on.

Villages in India

The villagers are socially crotched together, as every evening all of them gather at a place and chat and talk till late at night.

Each village in India has a story of its own. Though the traditions and cultures of every village differ drastically, one thing is similar, and that is their Simplicity. The people of villages are grounded and confined to their roots. They have a peaceful and joyous life.

It is a common notion of city people that there is a long way to sanitation and proper facilities to get to the villages. But rural villages indeed reflect the past of India. A simple and primitive life that these villagers have still preserved.

Life In A Village of India

The Indian village life have a lot of culture and diversity to show in various fields they mentioned below:


Lifestyle Of Villages

The villagers have a very different lifestyle from what city people grow in. Typically, the Indian villages have houses made from bamboo, mud and clay. Even their homes do not have rooms. And some of the houses do not yet have doors mostly.

Every second house in the village has cows and hens for fresh milk and eggs. They also pet domestic animals. These villages are incredibly eco-friendly in all the things. Most of the villagers are farmers. Other jobs include carpenters, potters and blacksmiths.

However, some villages have low electricity, and some of them have no access to power. So internet access and proper cell reception is not even possible.

The villagers grow their vegetables and have a well from where they bring water. Different villages have different living styles according to climate and weather.

Villages have limited transportation facilities unless it is a famous village. There are bullocks and small autos that help in public transportation and travelling.

There is not much traffic as people in the village prefer walking more. They can walk miles without getting tired. And with no traffic, the village has a calm and peaceful surrounding.

Let us look at the festivals in villages. The festivals in villages are celebrated with lights, decoration and lots of zeal. Each member of the village has a particular work to fulfill during these festivals.

They have a family-like feeling amongst all the villagers and live in unity. They help each other in working out things, unlike the people of the city who are busy in their worlds. The village people have a simple lifestyle, and they are naturally content in whatever they have.


Villagers Food
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As the Indian states are diverse, so is their food. A village in Kerala will offer different dishes than a village in Rajasthan due to a difference in the culture.

As we all know, villages in India are hotspots for agriculture throughout the country. Hence, the cuisines of each state depend on what plants are grown there. For instance, Rice is abundant in Kerala, so Rice is their staple food.

The food depicts the culture of the state and has authenticity in it. The food made is different in different states and villages. They have food made up of things that they grow in plenty.

The food of the village is thought to be the purest form. There is no contamination in the food they make and serve. They do not have a taste of junk food, and they prefer ethnic food. They love food that is dipped in ghee and butter.

All in all, If you want to taste the authentic cuisine of any food item you should go to the village of that particular state. You will find the feeling like never before.

Atmosphere and People

Villages Atmosphere and People
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Villages of India has seamless beauty surrounding them. These villages are located in deserts, near forests, in deserts or adjacent rivers.

All these things give them natural charisma. They are far away from pollution. Villages offer you a relaxing time, and you have a peaceful mind.

Also, the villagers are very friendly. They treat everybody like their family members. They take full responsibility if we visit them, we experience absolutely no inconvenience from their side.

Family and Relationships in Indian Villages

Family and Relationships in Indian Villages

People in villages have distinct roles. Women in the villages look after homes and perform household chores. Men go out and earn their living to sustain their family.

The families living in Indian villages still follow the joint family system. The elders take essential decisions, and everybody has to respect their decisions. Everyone in the family has their final responsibilities, and they are to be fulfilled.

People live in harmony in the villages. The children from a minimum age are prepared to share and care. They are made to socialize and not secluded from the outside world.

The children are encouraged not to remain indoors instead go and explore and implore their surroundings. People love visiting each other in villages.

Festivals and other special occasions are celebrated together and help each other whenever in need. In short, everybody is surrounded by loved ones.

Indian Villages Promote Healthier Life

Indian Villages Promote Healthier Life

Indian villages are still intact from pollution. The villages have fresh and pure air. That is why people in villages lead a healthier life. Besides, all of this, the people living in villages engage in a lot of physical activities that keep them healthy and fit.

People in villages are stress free and have no loneliness problems. Thus, the level of health issues is shallow in villages. Staying amidst nature and having fresh air to breathe drives health problems away.

Development of Indian Villages

Development of Indian Villages
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Growth is a significant issue in villages. The Indian villages are not that developed as they should be. The Indian villages require basic amenities like sanitation facility, electricity and excellent irrigation facilities.

It is a shame that the cities and towns are so developed and fully equipped with all the modern facilities, but, people in Indian villages have no access to these facilities that are quite a necessity in today’s world.

Indian Government should take the initiative to improve Indian villages. The Indian villages have full right to live a comfortable and convenient life. There must be basic amenities provided to villages. The roads, schools and colleges must be set up and developed, and healthcare facilities should be made available.

People should be sharpened about the quality of maintaining hygiene. The village people should be made aware of the importance of education for their children.

There is also a scarcity of excellent irrigation facilities and other technological equipment that are required for different phases of farming. The Government should provide farmers and lift them from their deadly condition.

Lack of Good Education and Career Opportunities

Lack of Good Education and Career Opportunities indian villages

Indian villages are small. These villages have one or two primary schools. Most children need to travel to another city to have secondary education. Some people do not like their children to go away from their homes and families. So children in villages have training till primary classes.

Also, girls in villages are refrained from taking education as it is a common notion that they have to take care of households, so why to study. Hence, the life of youth in Indian villages is not very radiant.

Villages also have a limited scope of career opportunities. There are hardly any jobs apart from agricultural activities that one can indulge in. There is no growth in this sector.

Stress-Free and Simple Life

Stress-Free and Simple Life of villages
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Though the villages do not have an excellent education and career opportunities for the young generation. Villages thus have a positive side that they have a stress free life in contrast to youths in the cities.

There is stress about job, education and other stuff. But this is not the case in villages. The village people have a simple life and are content with whatever they have. They find joy in the little things of life. They are always around there family and are not at all stressed and isolated.

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Final Words

Life in Indian villages is defined to be pure and straightforward. Though people usually complain about not getting modern facilities. But still, they do not like to shift to cities. They feel city life is a bit too fast for them to cope up.

They are not comfortable in leaving the benefits of living in a peaceful environment. These outweigh the problem faced by them in the villages.

Villages are the purest in their form. They have pure air, pure food and pure hearts too. People of villages are really nice and social in their behavior. They accept you and make sure you are having a good time. Whatever the problems they face, they are always helping and sharing.

They are like a family, not by blood but by heart. Villagers have a lot to teach people. They are the source of humanities that exists in this world. They sure have less access to modern-day facilities including electricity and internet.

But they have access to nature which the cities lack a huge amount — the life of people residing in villages is simple and filled with joys and contentment. Villages teach a lot to people living in the city.

All in all, Villages are the heart of India. It makes India what it is. Without villages, our country would be lost and wandering. Villages are the place where all our ancestral things are preserved. Be it our clothing, our food, our living anything. Villages are a pack of happiness and beauty.

Visiting a village is an experience that is unforgettable and incomparable. It is these villages that sustain our lifestyle and make us who we are.

At last, Indian villages are filled with cultural heritage and diversity of its own. They show their diversity in their unique style and ways. It is a must to visit the villages once in your lifetime and must know about village life . Bon Voyage!


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